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Double Helix By: Nancy Werlin Double Helix is a mystery novel which follows the story of a young eighteen year old kid by the name of Eli Samuels who is fascinated with the study of transgenics. He is offered an unbelievable offer to go work at one of the top buildings in this field, Wyatt Transgenics. The oddest part about this entire job offer was it was given to Eli by Dr. Quincy Wyatt himself through an email sent over a drunken infused night after Eli had come off of a screaming match with his father. Eli’s father had been very cold towards his son ever sense Eli’s mother had been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. This is set in modern times in New York with a dark tone added to the novel every time a page is turned. The dialogue…show more content…
Wyatt’s house too long with him and a woman by the name of Kayla Matheson, a woman only a year younger than Eli who had taken a liking to him. Eli comes home to his father’s apartment to find Viv crying on the sofa and his father leaning on a pillar in the corner of the room looking disappointed. This is the same night that Eli broke up with Viv after finding out that Eli’s father had told Viv everything about his mother. Kayla Matheson turned out to be a reformed, younger figure of Eli’s mother created by Dr. Wyatt after hearing about her disease. Eli had no other choice but to kill Dr. Wyatt from him never creating a world of clones. After this instant, Eli steps back and admires Kayla, he called his father to alarm him of this discovery. In summary, I really enjoyed this novel but had I written this book there would have been some things I would have added. I would have put more suspense into the climax due to its bland ending. This book still deserves a high recommendation, but the ending is a little too mild for a book that had such a good story to go off of. The theme was basically to not tamper with fate due to its already unsteady outlook, which means never knowing where it will take you or your loved
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