Double Indemitity In The Film Noir Film

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Introduction: Film noir is a well-known cinematic term that is generally used to deal with the briefing of Hollywood crime drama and is more particularly used to place an emphasis on the cynical attitudes that also deal with the sexual provoking activities. The time period of noir in the Hollywood history is generally marked as the extending period of the time of 1940 to 1950s. The Film Noir is the time period that deals with and is associated with the low-key and black and white visual styling. This time is rooted with the German Expressionist of cinematography. Most of the prototypical stories and in most of the cases the attitudes of the classic noir derive from the crime fiction related setting and has been emerging in the region of the United States of America in the time of Great depression that is also called the time of World War II (Schrader, 2010) . The term…show more content…
The film also belongs to the noir film era of the Hollywood industry and came up in the year 1944. The film was directed by Billy Wilder and was co-written by Raymond Chandler and Wilder Billy. Buddy DE Sylva was the producer of the film and was helped by Joseph Sistrom. From the screenplay James M. Chain worked on the novella that was published with the same name in the year 1943. The novel appeared in 8 parts in the Liberty Magazine previously (Wilder, 1944).
The stars of the film include insurance salesman that was performed by Fred McCurry and Barbara Stanwyck as a confrontational figure of a housewife and always wishes that her husband dies. Edward G. Robinson works as a claim adjuster and is always looking for phony claims. The title of the film, double indemnity is lined with the clauses in certain policies of life insurance that multiply the payout in some particular cases and specifically in case when the person dies accidentally for example riding any railway (Wilder,
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