Double Indemnity Film Noir

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Why Should Double Indemnity Be Considered a Film Noir? Double Indemnity was published in 1944, directed by Billy Wilder. According to, film noir become popular during the 1940. Tim Dirks, writer and editor of, listed Double Indemnity as one of the greatest film noirs in history. There are many elements that classify Double Indemnity as a film noir, such as flashbacks, violence, dark settings, the dangers of what being in love could cause, and the list is endless. Double Indemnity should definitely be considered a film noir.
Double Indemnity is a classic film noir. Walter Neff is an insurance agent that was on the way to consult with Mr. Diertrichson to see if was interested in renewing his policy. Mr. Dietrichson wasn’t available. Watler was introduced to Mr. Dietrichson’s trophy wife, Phyllis Dietrichson. Walter could not take his off of Phyllis. Once Phyllis discovered Walter had a crush on her she quickly tried to manipulate Walter into convincing her husband to receiving a life insurance policy. At first Walter declined but shortly after Phyllis cried on his shoulder about how awful her husband treated her Walter couldn’t resist helping her create a strategy to kill her husband. Walter and Phyllis designed a murder that involved Walter killing Mr. Dietrichson and planting his body to make it
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This was traditional for film noir. Mr. Dietrichson was killed on a dark rode. Phyllis would only come to visit Walter at his apartment after hours. Walter also murdered Phyllis at night. The dark and depressing vibe was a traditional style for film noir. Another tradition of film noir is making the audience think the movie is about a different topic than the actual topic of the movie. For an example, at the beginning of Double Indemnity I thought the movie was about a love story but it quickly turned in to a drama with serval
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