Double Standards In One Tree Hill

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One Tree Hill is a teen drama/romance television series that aired between the years 2003 and 2012. This show can appeal to teenagers and young adults, and is a very plot driven show that easily appeals to these age groups. Throughout this fictional town, each character has hardships and deals with sensitive issues, such as sexual intercourse, drugs, marriage, adoption, affairs, conflicts etc. What people do not understand is that this series shows realistic events that could occur in high school, and that it also talks about serious problems that teens deal with in their everyday lives.
This series is a teen drama that portrays the everyday lives of high school students living in Tree Hill, a small town in North Carolina. Two of the main characters,
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In one episode in particular, Anna discusses the issue of double standards. She uses personal experiences to explain how boys often have double standards for girls, and that every girl should be tired of playing games by the boys’ rules. Anna mocks the people giving girls double standards, when she says, “Don’t be too fat or too thin,” followed by, “too dark or too light.” (Truth, Bitter Truth). Anna clearly explains what she means by double standards, when she adds the ironic statement of others, “Be yourself, but make sure you fit in.” (Truth, Bitter Truth). One of the most iconic scenes in One Tree Hill is when Brooke Davis is standing in front of a projector that is projecting a bunch of different words onto her body. This episode starts off with a teacher talking about students labeling other students, while nobody really knows each other, so the teacher gives out an assignment that pairs people together. The students have to tell each other about their lives. In the middle of the episode, Chase Adams, Brooke’s crush, finds out that she is failing calculus. Brooke started feeling as if she was not enough. Towards the end of the episode, Chase asks Brooke if she still thinks that she is not good enough. After she says yes, Chase gets an idea of how to fix that. He sets up a projector and writes different ways people are labeled, and has Brooke stand in front of…show more content…
What some people do not realize is that when you label somebody, you may not think that it affects them, but deep down it could really hurt them. People tend to take everything personally and when someone gets labeled negatively, that could lead to a low self-esteem, low self respect and maybe even suicide. Labels are more intense today than they were in the past years. Throughout high school teenagers are labeled within five categories: jocks, prom queen, geek, loner, and “friendly”. Some people do not like their label and hope that when they leave high school that their label will disappear, but then there are other people that do not want to leave their label behind. The kind of people that do not and to leave their label, are scared what the real world is going to label them, and this should not be an issue. People should not be scared of what the world is going to label them as, but more what they label themself as. In the end, One Tree Hill is a show that covers everything that could occur in high school, especially labeling. One Tree Hill goes on and talks about some of the characters issues with labeling and how it affected them. Labeling is one of the many themes that make up this series and in reality it is a huge

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