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I am back yet again to talk about something very near and dear to my heart, and that is protecting our senior citizens. As always I would like to reiterate that seniors have a multitude of choices when it comes to instruments of self-defense but that there are only a few that can be both truly effective and humane at the same time. A handgun, for example, is wildly effective in deterring an attack but they can also be wildly effective in deterring someone's ability to breathe and wake up and all that good stuff. So let us discuss a much safer alternative to handguns but one that can be every bit as effective in stopping an attack on a senior, the Double Trouble stun gun by Zap. The Double Trouble is much more effective than your typical stun mechanism because the Double Trouble has much more space between contacts than does the average stun gun. Most stun devices have about 1.5 inches between the contacts whereas the Double Trouble has 5 inches! More space between the contacts means more power and just as importantly, more …show more content…

That's right; i am saying that you might not even need to use a stun gun for it to be effective. When a stun device fires it emits an eerie crackling noise accompanied with the discharge of a bright blue arc of electricity between the contacts. The higher the voltage and further the space between contacts and you get a louder crackle and brighter blue arc. The Double Trouble lets off a much louder than average crackle and a much bigger and brighter blue arc. If some low-life scumbag decides to approach, and ultimately attack, a senior and the senior fires this device off into the air I assure you that the assailant will strongly reconsider his next move and probably turn tail and run. If the assailant is smart they will turn tail and run because the Double Trouble's bite is every bit as bad as its

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