Doublethink Analysis

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The slogan “War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength" belongs to the English Socialist Party,"INGSOC", of Oceania. Their goal is to achieve total dominance over the people and most importantly over their intellect. "Doublethink" is a manipulative method used by the Party. The act of Doublethink is to simultaneously accept two reciprocally contradictory beliefs as correct. Some examples of doublethink are "War is peace" and "Freedom is slavery". Even though they are contradictory by their definition, they are both admitted as correct by the citizens of Oceania. This implies that although Oceania is in a constant state of war, the people behave like there is peace. When oceania is at war with other countries the citizens remain…show more content…
Peace cannot exist when war is a threat. In 1984, people feel endangered by bombs and Eurasian soldiers, when the actual danger is the Party. It is true that war may encourage nationalism in a country and also unite people but it stimulates more chaos and agony than union. "Freedom is slavery" also acts as an unconscious disheartenment for anyone who might contemplate seeking freedom. “freedom is slavery” is saying that people who follow their will is not free, because they are not protected from their own unsuccessfulness they get from bad decisions. It says that not following the party is slavery. By following the Party people are given the feeling that they are getting the success they need and that their life is better than it used to be. The Party had portrayed freedom as the crooked.The contradiction in” freedom is slavery” is that in order to know what freedom is people need to experience it. Freedom enables people to do and believe what they want. it’s true that when you have freedom you can make many bad decisions, but failure is a part of being human. No group of humans, not even Party members, can incessantly prevent people from…show more content…
In a democratic world that may or may not be corrupted like many other countries. It’s difficult to accept that paradoxes such as " war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength " are making sense in our world- but sadly they do. The principal of "war is peace " is used today in countries like the united states of America and military organization as NATO when they engage in so-called preemptive wars. The term preemptive itself is a paradox because one cannot simply start a war in order to prevent it. "freedom is slavery" is the heart of our global society, and is in some situations the biggest and most ignored problem of a democracy. All human beings are in fact currency slaves. it means that individuals of our society must work in order to survive, but at the same time, a big part of them strongly believe that they’re free. But is that actually true? We believe that we are free in different ways, we have rights and that we live in a society where everything is possible. All of this is true just as much as we’re slaves of some sort. But to all of you who consider yourselves entirely free, I encourage you to stop paying taxes for the already owned possession you have for instance, your house, your car, your land and more, then see what
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