Doubt By John Patrick Shanley: Film Analysis

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One who does not possess any flaws is not considered a perfect human being, but is considered as not human at all. In Doubt by John Patrick Shanley, Sister Aloysius says “In the pursuit of wrongdoing, one steps away from God. Of course, there’s a price” (58). None of the characters step away from God since they are all just human beings with flaws and good intentions. Father Flynn does not step away from God since he is a misunderstood priest that just wants to support a victimized child. Sister James and Sister Aloysius have a discussion with Father Flynn about the pageant. Firstly, he is asked if he wants tea, he says, “I would love a cup of tea” (27) and then he asks, “Is there sugar?” (27) and says he wants three sugars. Sister Aloysius mentions that Father Flynn has long…show more content…
The tea, sugar and fingernails all symbolize that Father Flynn likes to have indulgences. Despite the fact that he likes to indulge, it does not necessarily mean he enjoys indulging in children. He is a priest and he should not be indulging in anything, but he is also a human being who likes to be well nourished. Throughout the film, Father Flynn is seen as the only person who helps Donald when he is bullied at school. Using a hand motif, he brings Donald up with his hand when he was brought down. Father Flynn knows that Donald is a boy who is discriminated against due to the color of his skin, and Father Flynn only wants to help make the school more tolerable for Donald. After helping him, Father Flynn is accused of molesting Donald when Father Flynn invited him to the rectory. Of course, Father Flynn does not want anyone to know about this accusation since he would lose his position in the parish. In his sermon, he uses a metaphor when he says, “gather up every last feather that flew out on the wind!…it can’t be done…The wind took them all over” (37) comparing it to gossip. Father Flynn
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