Doubt: Comparison Between Sisters James And Aloysius

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Comparison between nuns James and Aloysius
The film “Doubt” is set in a Catholic school in the 1960’s and centers in the goings-on of the children that attend the school and their caregivers. It follows the story of a nun, which is helped by another Sister to confront a priest, whom she suspects has abused a student. In the course of the film it’s shown how very opposite individuals interact towards a same topic; even though they both have the same vocation and work in the same place, they react in a different manner to the issue of suspicious. Although Sister Jane and Aloysius, both main characters of this drama, are two devoted nuns who are passionate for education, these two characters differ in their personalities, the ways of educating children and how they interact with people. Therefore, in this essay the differences of these two women will be defined in order to relate better to the essential meaning of the movie: doubt.
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For example, while it is obvious that Sister James is comprehensive, optimistic and delicate, because she wants the approval from her superiors and students; Sister Aloysius, on the other hand, presents herself as determined, strict and a calculating person, due to the fact that she presents extreme care about details and thinks they are very important for knowing the truth. Maybe age plays an important role on defining how both of them behave. Sister Aloysius is an older woman, which makes her more experienced than Sister James; perhaps, this is why it was easier for Sister Aloysius to find Father’s Flynn sermon quite suspicious and instructs her fellow nuns to address her if they know of anything shady about the priest actions or behavior, while Sister James didn’t though that there was something behind the sermon about
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