Doubt Film Analysis

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1. Identify the film’s title and production designer (or art/visual designer).
The film that I watched was Doubt. It was directed by John Patrick Stanley, and I believe that the production designer was David Graupman.
2. What is the focus of this film? Explain using examples from the film.
The focus of this film was, as the name suggests, the doubt in a priest of a church. The church was also a school. The principal of the school, who was a legalistic nun, thought that that the priest of the school might have had inappropriate interactions with the school’s first African American boy. The movie focuses on the principal trying to get the priest to leave, but being unable to dredge up any evidence against the priest. In the end the principal lies to the priest and gets him to leave but it never showed any proof that the priest was guilty. So thus it is left up to the viewer to determine who they think was right. One could say it leaves the viewer in doubt.
3. Where is the film’s story set? How important is the setting to the overall look of the film? Give specific
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What important interrelationships exist between the setting and the characters OR between the setting and plot? (In other words, how does the setting relate directly to the characters or how does the setting relate directly to the plot?) Cite examples from the film.
Since it is set in 1964 and the movie, for the most part, is set in a church I think that an obvious interrelationship would be between the nuns and their duty to the church. The principal of the school was one of the elder nuns, and she felt that it was her duty to expunge the priest so that he didn’t victimize her students. On the flip side of the coin the priest felt that with the changing times the school should become friendlier as well.
5. What details of costuming and makeup help the actors to be “in character?” Do these factors also play a role in creating a sense of time and place? Give two examples to support your

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