Doubt: Innocent Priest Or Child Molesting Predator?

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Doubt: Innocent priest or child molesting predator? Doubt is a play created by the author John Patrick Shanley in which Father Flynn, a priest, is accused of molesting the young boys at the school in which he is a priest at. In the school there is two teachers who have different opinions on if he is guilty or not. In the play there is many points that lead to believing that Father Flynn is guilty. Father Flynn is guilty because the little boys attending the school are afraid to be alone with him and The mother of a student, Donald Muller; her knowledge on his sexuality. Father Flynn is guilty of molesting the young boys attending the school in which he is a priest at. He is a rapist or at least is very much so hinted at being one. He is believed to be a child molestor because of the evidence against him throughout the play. It was stated that the boys attending the facility were frightened to be alone with Father Flynn. The following quote exhibits the evidence in which Father Flynn is guilty of being a molester. “ On the first day of the school year, I saw you touch William London 's wrist. And I saw him Pull away.” (Shanley, 52).There is only a couple of reasons in which the children should be scared to alone in a room with the priest and most can be debunked, except for one theory. The children could be afraid of the priest because he is mean or callous but it is stated by the priest himself that he cares about the children and does not believe the way Sister
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