Doubt John Patrick Shanley Analysis

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What would you do if someone questioned your every thought or action without even providing evidence why? In the story Doubt written by John Patrick Shanley, Father Flynn is accused of seducing a student by Sister Aloysius. I believe that Father Flynn is innocent of the accused acquisitions. Father Flynn continually sticks to his story. He claims that he only tired to help Donald as he was troubled and needed a friend to talk with. He was the only colored kid in school, which can be hard to make friends. Donald was also caught drinking wine from the altar and Father Flynn tried to keep that a secret between those too.
But now that the boy’s secret is out, I’m going to have to remove him from the altar boys. Which I think is too bad. That’s what I was trying to avoid (Shanley 35).
Trying to convince Sister Aloysius, Father pleads his
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It is agued that Father Flynn is indeed guilty. He is so worried about how he looks to others he might do or say anything to cover something up. “I feel as if my reputation has been damaged through no fault of my own” (Shanley 39). Flynn states that he shouldn’t have to worry about a damaged reputation because Sister Aloysius is the one damaging it. Still, he is worried about how is image will be perceived by others. Flynn is always trying to convince his innocents like he is trying to cover something up. He hovered over Sister James until he was able to change her mind about him. In away that could be seen as very manipulating like he could of done to Donald so he would keep quite. “Thank you, Father. I don’t believe it” (Shanley 42). Talking to Father Flynn about the whole incident with Donald, Sister James tell him that she believes him and not Sisters Aloysius’ accusations. Father Flynn tried to get anyone to believe him. But I argue that was just his way of clearing his name. He wanted to see the truth he was
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