Doug Lemov's Techniques To Benefit The Classroom

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Creating an environment where holding a high academic standard of learning comes from incorporating techniques that benefit the classroom as a whole. Observing educators during instructional times ensues reflection on one’s own teaching. The various teaching approaches in Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion series include effective ways to engage learners, manage behavior, and set high academic standards. Techniques such as “Cold Call,” “Everybody Writes,” “Strong Voice,” and “100 Percent” all prove that using routines in the classroom the learning process. If utilized, these systems advance the effectiveness of learning, and manage behaviors in a professional setting. When engaging students in lessons, the techniques “Everybody Writes” and “Cold Call” capture the attention of the whole class. In order to create a community of students who contribute to their learning, the technique “Everybody Writes” is effective. A teacher…show more content…
Students often interrupt the learning process during instructional times, but with these techniques the teacher stops until he or she has the attention of the room. Educators who use the “ Strong Voice” technique convey the message that what they’re doing is important. To illustrate, a teacher might use this to ensure students focus on schoolwork instead of fooling around. The technique “100 Percent” uses a calm demeanor and positive tone to ensure all students comply. An educator should send a message when they won’t continue, speak over, or ignore disruptive behavior. Rather, the teacher expects 100 percent of the class’ attention. For instance, using this strategy during a read-aloud. If the students disrupt during reading, he or she could stop and wait until the class realizes they need to listen in order for the reading to continue. Inclusion of this and the previously mentioned techniques bring value to the
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