Dougherty County Jail Case Study

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The Dougherty County Jail is 1,230 bed state of art pre-trial detention facility that is under supervision and operation of Dougherty County Sheriff. In addition to pre-trial inmates, the facility houses State, City, and a small number of other inmates for other area law enforcement agencies. The jail facility is unique in that it has two on-site courtrooms that host a variety of court proceedings seven days each week. The jail maintains a high-level of safety and security utilizing current and nationally accepted detention management practices. The jail utilizes inmate labor under the supervision of contracted food services specialists to prepare approximately 3,500 meals daily. Inmates are also utilized in other areas of the jail, such as…show more content…
A touch screen control is a video graphic computer operator station is at the helm of every automated security system operation within a facility. The touch screen only allows access by approved personnel. Video security plays an important role in helping maintain order while ensuring a safe working environment. Some responsibilities that the jail officers have for patrolling the inside of a jail are as follow: preventing criminal activity in their assigned area, maintaining peace, protecting people, their property, and their welfare. Formal counts are made at specific times throughout a twenty-four-hour period: all inmates movement, talk, and television privileges cease from the time the count starts until the count is cleared. Each inmate should be counted at specific location and time. No person carrying a firearm should ever be allowed admittance inside the jail. When regarding facility lock-downs: notify the central control room to contact the appropriate personnel and any additional officers who can respond quickly, make sure all inmates are in their cells or dorms, conduct a formal count, and maintain the safety and security of the inmates and responding

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