Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

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His theory is mainly based and created in order to attract the people to work, he is re-known for his creation of Maslow`s Hierarchy of Needs. He also tried to understand what peoples` interest to get them motivated. In his theory he came up with five (5) important needs that can be satisfied in order from one stage to another. The needs that Maslow describes, state that every persons` needs are different from other person, and to satisfy those needs, each case must be taken and evaluated individually to full fill their expectations. Physiological Needs: The first step of Maslow`s Hierarchy of Needs explains that every worker must satisfy his physical needs such as basics needs which refer to food and water. Before such needs are achieved…show more content…
He also stated that the same factors to motivate people are not necessary the same factors to lead demotivation at work. The theory predicts that factors leading to a positive attitude (motivaton) at work, were different from factors that might lead to a negative attitude (demotivation). In such case the positive attitudes have been named `motivators` and those factors which represents negative attitudes are named `dissatisfiers` or `hygiene…show more content…
On the other hand we also learned that in human relationship, the approach of the superiors must be there to support and motivate their employees. He also felt that there are two perspectives of how can be evaluated which are the Theory X and Theory Y. These theories were mainly based on the assumptions carried out on workers by their managers. McGregor has described and stated that Theory X manager believes that people don’t want to work at all, that they are there to override the organisation, he also concluded that workers are nto creative and not always smart. People tend to work adequately when they are promised something like rewards and when punishments are implemented, that means that they don’t really care about the organisation. In conjunction with all this Theory X states that since people don’t like carrying any responsibilities on work, in that case they expect to have directions by their managers and all this just to avoid
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