Douglas Monroy Book Report

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Born on December 30, 1999, Douglas Monroy is a Professor of History and Director of Southwest Studies at Colorado College. He has been teaching at Colorado College since 1978, as of right now he is currently a part of the department chair. He received his PH.D. From UCLA in 1978. As a young child, he was interested in sports rather than history. However, as he was in college he soon found his love for history about the civil rights, anti-war movements, and politics. The courses he teaches at Colorado College are Recent U.S. History classes (1943-1973) and classes that have to deal with the Southwest specifically (Mexican War and Spain and Mexico.) The book sequences in a chronological order because it talks about how Mexican immigrants lived…show more content…
The books text is something that hardly any author would go out of his/her way to write. The historical part of the book was the entire book because all of the information written was an important part of history for Los Angeles. I would say that this book was comprehensive because the vocabulary and research done is at a college level. The author, however, did include a lot of insight and factual information because throughout the book he explains what exactly happened to Mexican Immigrants in Los Angeles and why they reacted that way using credible sources. One example would be that, Mexican baseball in Los Angeles in the 1920’s and 1930’s was a way in which various people from south of the border could forge an identity as Mexicans, in which they would gain respect from Americans and also in their community it made them “Manly” this part of the book proves that it’s comprehensive. This comprehensiveness hit every point about being a Mexican Immigrant in Los Angeles and I believe that the author did not leave out any key points. Overall, the book was mostly short informational facts/short paragraphs about Mexican Immigrants in Los Angeles. Thus, making the book worthwhile to read because it changes settings
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