Douglas Murray Mcgregor's The Human Side Of Enterprise

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The reading “The Human Side of Enterprise” written by Douglas Murray McGregor analyzes the importance of considering human organizations in the management of organizations. More importantly, the author described the theory of “X” and “Y”. The theory of “Y” provided better results when considering the visions of clear expectations about the assumptions of human nature. Additionally, this theory allowed for the development of organizational goals in the management which allows administrators to advocate for participation to voice their opinions. On the other hand theory of “X” is more directed towards the authoritarian forms of management in which the managers are worried about the proper performance of individuals and control of the organization.…show more content…
How does the reading define organization? The reading define organization with the explanation of the theory of “X” which relies on authoritarian forms of management and theory of “Y” relies on a more democratic form of leadership. By showcasing this two fundamental forms of management, the author assert the importance of a more humanistic approach to impact the organizational objectives of management. McGregor argued, “…the human side of enterprise will not only enhance substantially these materialistic achievements, but will bring us one step closer to “the good society”” (p.160). What dictates behavior in an organization according to the reading, the organization or the individual? What dictates the behavior in an organization is willingness of the upper management to adhere human capacities and talents to the organizational objectives. It is important for the management to implement human motivation and performance appraisal to direct the behavior of the organizational objectives. What is the role of public administrators in this reading or maybe according to the definition found in the

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