Douglass Learning To Read And Write Analysis

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In college departments are required to have a certain amount of students enrolled in one of the departments courses. If a academic department in the school cannot reach a certain amount of students over a certain time the department will have to close. Arts and humanities classes are on the decline due to the number of job opportunities available. However, arts and humanities courses are important to help develop an understanding for literature and art. Many college students are not a fan of taking arts and humanities courses because the courses do not correspond with their major. Despite the downside of arts and humanities courses, students should look at the positive side at how these courses will help them.
Fredrick Douglas talks about the importance of reading and writing in his essay "Learning to Read and Write." Douglas said "It opened my eyes to the horrible pit but no ladder upon which to get out. In moments of agony, I envied my fellow-slaves for their stupidity." (Douglas) The reason why Douglas talks about the ignorance of the slaves to not want to read and write was because he believed they were unaware of their oppression. Also due to the possible consequences of a slave learning to read and write in the south. His fellow slaves
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Taking arts and humanities courses is very important especially if its not part of a students major. Students in America need to take these courses seriously since they help develop their critical thinking and decision making skills. Also these courses help students get a better understanding on how people in different cultures live and helps teach students empathy. Without art and humanities courses citizens would become work horses with under developed critical thinking and decision making skills. Students should always evaluate the importance of each class they have to take, Despite the inessential of these courses depending on your major you never know when these skills you develop from these courses will become
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