Dougless Lee Interview

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An avid autobiographical reader of people such as Theordore Roosevelt and the Last Emperor of China, Dougless Lee is a 14 year old freshment at George Washington High School who is a native born San Franciscian. He 's around five feet two inches tall, have dark brown eyes, and have some hair covering his forehead. Dougless is monolingual, English, part of Chinese descent, and has an older brother in college. He stated that his parents were immigrants, but didn 't know where they came from. At this point, I was quite fustrated with Lee because his answers were quite vauge. Nonetheless, I persist and continue interviewing him no matter how many times I had to reask and explain the question. Some hobbies of Dougless are watching Cartoon…show more content…
Considering how long Lee took to think, he must care about his family very much, " The most important thing in my life is my family." His answers were like any others yet his sincerenest could be felt. The person he looks up to the most is his father, wanting to be a person like him, to always be kind and helping people in need. When I asked Dougless what he would do if he saw a person drop his wallet or a $100 bill, he said straighforwardly, "I would pick it up and keep it." I would have done the same thing too, who wouldn 't want free money? After multiple times explaing, what he would do if he was with a "friend" that tells him to steal something from a store, step by step, Dougless stuttered, "I would walk away because I don 't want to associate with him." I would, also, not be their friend anymore. I asked a senstive question but it made me feel closer to him, "Do you have any friends?" His answer was not what I expected, "No," I thought that he would play video games with his friends during lunch, but it was not the case. Interviewing the homework loving and authobiographical reader was tiring, furstrating and stressful but I learned many things about Dougless Lee during this short amount of time. Although the reponses he gave was not what I expected but it was a valuable expericen. I 'm sure that this experience would help me in the future when interviewing
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