Doukhobor Community Analysis

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Sasha Vronsky who has been married to Alexei Vronsky for thirteen years is seeking a sole custody of her six children. The youngest child is Karina is four while Nikolai is five; Tatiana is seven, Sandra is eight, Lidia is ten ,and Slava, the oldest, is twelve. Mrs. Vronsky used to live with her husband and her children in a doukhobor community that exists in Nelson. Their community is considered to be one of the most conservative doukhobor communities. They have an unusual lifestyle; they reject the use of electricity, telephones and cars. Furthermore, they do permit outsiders to marry their women as well as not allowing the divorce in their community because the number of people living in their community is decreasing. In addition to that, drinking alcohol is…show more content…
According to their living book, they should not pride. Mrs. Vronsky and her family used to live a normal life where she was homemaker, and her husband worked in their farm. However, in 2012, an accident that occurred to Mr.Vronsky while he was helping their neighbor to build a barn changed their life. He suffered waist down after he fell down of the ridge pole. As a consequence of this accident, he became disabled. They were asked to pay medical bills which are not affordable for them, and husband does not have a health insurance as well as social security; Their families tried to help, but the medical bills were beyond their abilities. This adversity led Mrs.Vronsky to look for a work in order to pay their debts which are $200.000 as well as physical therapy every week although their community does not encourage women to work outside the family. In fact, their community precludes men and women from working in towns. However, her husband was not able to farm; he only could do a few things in his wheelchair such as
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