Dounya Raskolnikov Character Analysis

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Javier Salas
Period 2
Dounya is characterized in the letter written by Raskolnikov’s mother to him as a self-less daughter and sister whose greatest wish is to help the family even if it means her misfortune . In the letter, Pulcheria Raskolnikov notes that Dounya is a “is a resolute, sensible, patient and generous girl, but she has a passionate heart, as I know very well. Of course, there is no great love either on his side, or on hers, but Dounia is a clever girl and has the heart of an angel” -(41) Dounya’s also characteristics foils that of Raskolnikov as she is brave and compassionate . Raskolnikov is colder than Dounya and he thinks of himself higher and is seen as the family’s “only hope”(44).
Dounya’s ability to put her family
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When offered 10,000 roubles by Mr. Svidrigraïlovs in order to compensate for any grief that he caused, Dounya completely rejects the money and states to her mother and brother “I was tempted by his money, but on my honor, brother, I had no idea he was such a base man. If I had seen through him before, nothing would have tempted me! Don’t blame me, brother “(270). Even in the situation that Dounya is in financially speaking, unstable and more than likely, bankrupt, she rejects the sum of cash that she could surely change her life as it is not worth, to her, the honor. Similarly, Dounya does not marry Luzhin, who could be a very easy way out of life in poverty, because she does not truly wish to marry him. The only aspect of the money that would be a factor would be what Pulcheria Raskolnikov mentioned in her letter to Raskolnikov saying “Nor has either Dounia or I breathed a word to him of the great hopes we have of his helping us to pay for your university studies; we have not spoken of it in the first place, because it will come to pass of itself, later on, and he will no doubt without wasting words offer to do it of himself, (as though he could refuse Dounia that)”-(42). The marriage would not only be based on Dounya’s own opinion, but along with Raskolnikov’s opinion, who strongly disagrees, influences Dounya’s choice of marriage. Had Raskolnikov accepted Pyotr Petrovich with glee and befriended him as he
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