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"Communication is central to the life of our culture; without it culture of any kind must die." (Fiske, 1990, pp.2). Therefore, these words are indicative of the role communication plays within western culture in relation to the way in which people perceive messages from texts. Within this textual analysis, the 2007 'Dove Chocolate ' advertisement will be deconstructed to clarify the possible communicated meanings towards its audience. At a first layer glance, this ad denotes an ingenious correlation between the shape of the chocolate bar and a sensationalised, chiselled six-pack. This is furthered through the addition of the slogan; "A six pack that melts a girl 's heart". The core meaning of this advertisement suggests that a woman 's craving for chocolate can be compared to her lust for men. However, this initial analysis only uncovers the tip of the iceberg, there are a variety of communicative elements to this text, adding to a much more complex invited reading. Within this analysis, the image, text and intended target audience will be discussed to arrive at the most likely interpretation of the advertisement. The most overpowering element within this advertisement is the image, making it the focal point for the text. The icon,…show more content…
Whilst it is not the major focal point of the advertisement, the text in this Dove chocolate advertisement is also a major element as it corresponds with the chocolate bar and the six pack, creating an evident connection between these three signs. Relating to the image, the text also conjures a double meaning. The first denotative meaning linked to the words "six pack", would be the physical chocolate bar packaging. In addition, these words can implicitly refer to the type of abdominal muscles this man possesses, hence the second meaning of the term (Gripsrud, 2006, pp. 16). This implicit meaning allows Dove chocolate to be believed as a source for the satisfaction of both women 's dietary cravings, and their

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