Outdoor Channel Commercial Analysis

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For my first commercial, I watched the Outdoor Channel, I saw many commercials geared toward men on this channel, which is understandable. I myself do not care for the Outdoor Channel and most of my friends who are girls do not either, so I can assume most woman are not watching the Outdoor Channel. I saw MANY commercials for different types of hunting equipment and a few clothing commercials, mostly hunting gear type articles of clothing. I also saw a few different foods that were more manly- mostly food that is meant for outside grilling (hamburgers, steak, ribs). One commercial that stood out to me was the Doves men's body wash commercial. This commercial start with a sperm entering an egg and then from there the man grows up and goes through man life events and at the very end it says, "You can take on anything of course you can, because you are a man". This all ended with the commercial saying that he made it through all of these events because the man is comfortable with who he is that it is time for comfortable skin and that they should use Dove Men's body wash. The life events that it depicts are marriage, having a kid, changing a tire in the rain, lifting weights, knowing how to fight, not showing your sensitive side, checking out noises at night without being scared, rack the leaves/ mow the yard… manly things? I think it related to Health and Illness because it not only showed the man aging but it…show more content…
I do not care to watch the Outdoor channel, but I know my stepdad loves it. I also know that he is not going to want to read a magazine with a bunch of clothing and make up ads, but I do enjoy a good read of a magazine every once in a while. It is hard to please everyone, but companies are going to put their commercials on channels or magazines that are going to be able to sell the product or get the information out the best, that is just how businesses
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