Dove Segmentation Analysis

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First, Dove use segmentation is Demographic Segmentation.
Every company appeals a specific group or age. Generally, Dove focuses on women of all age groups above 18. These women who are well aware about beauty and care for their skin.The want to use quality products of the skin. Women who have a high purchasing power and belong the upper middle class.
Dove uses psychographic segmentation. Dove goals to create a psychology in women where beauty incorporates all ages, body shapes and size. ‘You are beautiful the way you are’ is the message Dove promotes and wants every woman to believe.

The target group of Dove is especially women above 18 years old. Dove purposes women of all ages, shapes and sizes. However, Dove is willing every woman to believe that their message -‘You are
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Dove soap designed as a personal care beaty product. A soap is a mild moisturizing bar so that is one fourth moisturizer. Therefore, it also called a beauty bar. While Dove want to be diffrent different from compepetitors, it must be uses high moisturizer and it can do it.
Dove does not purpose women to help you become beautiful. Only, it interest women to feel good about themselves.
Dove 3 campaign has made. First, in 2004, Dove started a new campaingn; ‘Real Beauty Campaingn’. Result a to campaingn, Dove realized that women are not interested your products and they will help them look younger and prettier. Also, these women want to beautiful in your products. Other campany is Dove Movement for Self Esteem. This campany purposed at building positive self esteem among women and it meet their women need. This company tagline is ‘Imagine a word where beauty is a source of confidence not anxiety’. Third company is Dove Real Role Models. A campaign aimed at finding out who inspire the women of today. This company tagline is ‘Strong Role Models Build Stronger Self
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