Dove Shampoo Case Study

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and beautiful. Clinic All Clear Total is a dandruff solution for everyday use. 35
Dove, within the launch of a year, became the country’s largest premium shampoo brand. HUL is upgrading Dove shampoo from time to time to cater to the customer needs by coming out with different variants like Dove Daily, Dove Breakage Therapy, Dove Dry Therapy and so on. HUL Oral Care
Pepsodent, the first tooth paste with the unique antibacterial agent was large in the year 1993, to meet the consumer need of checking germs even after long hours after brushing. In February-May 2002 Pepsodent packs were made that included a Germ Indicator which allowed consumers to see the efficacy in fighting gems. Subsequently in October 2003, the relaunch campaign widened the context to “sweet and sticky” foods and took advantage of the fact that children do not rinse their mouths every time that they eat, demonstrating that it made their teeth vulnerable to attack by the germs. Pepsodent’s most recent campaign tries to educate the consumers on the need for germ protection throughout the night. Pepsodent also includes a range of toothbrushes. 36
Close-up, the original youth brand of India, was the first brand the targeted the youth in oral care market with an youthful image which stays current till date. Close-up, the first gel toothpaste with fluoride content, was launched in the year 1975 and it has been leading the gel toothpaste segment since then. The brand umbrella also includes Close up Lemon Mint

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