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1 Customer Relationship Management is a major important key to the success of any business, company or organization. The case study Dow Corning and DirecTV discuss how the role of customer relationship management provides many avenues and is a strategy formula designed to build a better understanding their customers needs while also improving the relationship between the service provider and the service subscriber. The implementation and the use of this technology serve as a tool to build a better, stronger relationship with current as well as new potential customers. When business and companies use customer relationship management to gain a competitive advantage by understanding consumer preferences and individual customer
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Many times these decisions can be used to drive productivity or increase the efficiency of services provided. In the case of Dow Corning and DirecTV, going mobile represented a shift in the way that representatives and managers completed their daily work. By going mobile, all users of the interface benefitted from increased efficiency and accessibility. For example, the representatives at Dow Corning were given a program to use that was simple to use and efficient. The company ensured that pertinent information for customer accounts was readily available via the mobile devices. The company also ensured that extra information fields were eliminated. This also increased work morale because salespeople could see that their concerns were being met with the new technology. One concern that was addressed was the simplification of the lead process. By simplifying this process, the company increased the likelihood of follow-up occurring with the customer. The biggest reason that going mobile was a big deal is the fact that productivity increased considerably. In fact, DirecTV saw an increase of productivity of approximately three times the amount prior to going mobile. Going mobile provided a win-win situation for both employees and the company. Both were able to increase productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and…show more content…
From an IT perspective, both companies had the need to develop a mobile application that met the needs of each respective company and its staff. Both applications needed to be powerful enough to handle the needs of the business and potential requests, but be simple enough to increase efficiency. Both companies also collaborated with a software developer to ensure that the application was effective, efficient, and accessible. Both companies rely on customer service to drive their business; therefore both companies are able to benefit from the concept of going mobile for their representatives that are in the field. Both companies expressed that the need for the ability to assess all customer data quickly and efficiently drove their push for the mobile technology. By comparing and contrasting two companies in different fields the idea of building a solution based on a company’s needs is even more powerful. It is through this idea that readers are able to apply the lessons shared by both companies’ experiences to the needs of their current and future
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