Dowd's Argument About Donating Organs

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Dowd’s argument was about donating organs. Her niece, Jennifer donated her half of her liver to Dowd’s brother. After the surgery, Jennifer wanted everyone to know that you should donate organs, especially when you’re dead. Dowd feels like people don’t want to fill out organ donating cards because they think that once something really bad happens the doctor is just going to go ahead and take their organs. But Dowd no longer has that reservation because, of her niece.

Dowd use the fact that her family works together to help he each other, “she had half her liver taken out at Georgetown University Hospital to save the life of her uncle…”. Dowd also, gives awareness that you shouldn’t be scared to donate your organs dead or alive “Some people don’t because they have irrational fears that the doctor will be so eager to harvest their organs, they’ll receive subpar care after an accident.” I think that it’s very
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When Dowd talks about Neal Conan that’s when everything starts to talk about the organ donations, because not she’s bring up facts about people who need organ donations and don’t get them. “As Neal Conan said on NPR Thursday: “More than 80,000 Americans are on waiting list for organ donations, and most will never get them…”.

This portion of the essay is giving you facts. It’s trying to inform you that you should donate your organs to help others. If this part was not included people probably wouldn’t understand why they should donate organs, or why it so important. Which is what Dowd is trying to explain in these to paragraphs.

This part of the essay helps you understand that everyone has fears, of donating their organs. “I’m one of the scaredy-cats who never checked the organ donation box or filled out the organ and tissue donor card.”. I think that shows that Dowdy is relatable. If she didn’t have these paragraphs no one would listen to
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