Down In The Delta Movie Analysis

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Down in the Delta was directed by Maya Angelou. This movie is based on many sociable changes. Many were emotional and cognitive. Most of the emotions and cognitive changes were structured by growth development and through life learning experience. Many of the characters in the story had a lot of change. The main characters in this movie that experienced changes throughout the movie was Loretta Sinclair, Tracy Sinclair, Thomas Sinclair, and Uncle Earl. Loretta Sinclair is the mother of Tracy Sinclair. Tracy Sinclair is the little girl who has autism. She is also having some behavioral problems based on her age. She isn’t quiet behaving to well as she should for her age. Her mother, Loretta needs to improve her mothering skills in order for her child to behave as she should; despite of her conditions. Loretta still has Tracy in a baby’s crib and she also had gave Tracy some Cola-Cola soda and mixing it with Tracy’s old milk in a bottle. Thomas, which is also Loretta’s son. He is battling with safety for himself at school and honestly he is trying to fit in…show more content…
Many of the characters changed a lot base on their attitudes, relationships, beliefs, priorities, and many more. Most of these changes lead to when Loretta and her two kids went away for a while, to visit her other family from the Delta with Uncle Earl. Loretta began to become more aware and addressed to her family members. That which lead her to the importance of her family and their history background. She also learned the importance of how to count money by working at her Uncle’s Earl restaurant “Just Chicken.” Loretta begin to live up to her Uncle Earl’s expectations by working her way up to her witness position, but to also help him manage the business. Loretta’s children had also began to flourish a lot as they visited at her family Mississippi farm. Uncle Earl was a Christian and he insisted Loretta and her children to come join him and Annie at his
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