Down In The Dumpster Diving Summary

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Diving in the Trash To some people dumpster diving is like being a kid in a candy store, never knowing what they might find can be exciting for some. For others hearing that someone dumpster dives, they might wish for a giant bottle of disinfectant. The Two articles, Down in the Dumpster by Christina Nelleman and Lars Eighner show different sides to dumpster diving. Christina Nelleman the author of the first article could be a student by the five paragraph format and the use of smiles and metaphor throughout the article. One example could be where she describes how “one man’s garbage is another man’s gold.” this shows that one item could be precious to one person and complete junk to another. This author explains by her dumpster…show more content…
This person’s point of view is to teach people through his experiences how to survive by dumpster diving, that’s its nothing to be ashamed of. He describes his experiences by telling the reader that he dumpster dived for everything he could except for jeans. By diving he became a less spending consumer and saved money by using others’ throwaways. His career of teaching allows a person to see the difference in the type of writing compared to the first article by the lack of smiles and metaphors within the article. Also he’s able to use better descriptive words to make his article flow better. He allows the reader to see how his life changed by dumpster diving, and makes a reader realize that people in the world can be wasteful. He shows how you can find some great food items and not so great, he doesn’t sugar coat how life can be by dumpster diving. Although these articles describe different reasons to people dumpster diving they both focus on how they could reduce their carbon footprints on the earth. These well written articles both make good points on how dumpster diving is like buying something from Goodwill or the Salvation Army only it’s free. Dumpster diving is the only way some people are able to survive because they might not have all the money in the
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