Down Syndrome Communication Assignment

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Communication Assignment This Communication Assignment will investigate Down syndrome. My Assignment is an introduction to Children with Down syndrome introducing Physical Appearance and Condition’s and Early Childhood Care and Teaching Leading to Being an Adult Living Independently. According to, Down syndrome is a congenital disorder arising from a chromosome defect, causing intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities including short stature and a broad facial profile. It arises from a defect involving chromosomes. People with Down syndrome have an additional number 21 chromosome, so their chromosomal count is 47 instead of the usual 46. These extra genetic material results in the physical and learning characteristics associated …show more content…

Many young adults with Down's syndrome pursue further education. Some also gain employment usually on a part time basis And In A low key environment, but this will depend on the individual themselves. They can also live independently with help and support Given To Them At A Young Age, Many adults with Down's syndrome are able to lead an Fairly and active independent life but it may not be possible to live completely independent, increasing numbers of adults with Down's syndrome are leaving home and living in their communities with support of Family, Friends and …show more content…

According To National Health Service Uk if necessary, a social worker may be able to help with difficulties finding accommodation that suits the Induvial and an occupational therapist can offer practical advice to help make independent living easier. Recommendation: According to, As a Down syndrome child moves forward into life, they would Recommended that growing From a Teenager into an Adult, living an Independence Life, There Could Do the Following Things Listed Below: • Get to work, and to do so on time. • Cooperate with others at work. • Behave appropriately at work, in terms of dress, attitude and lunch and break times. • Follow directions, adhere to expected procedures, and accept supervision. • Use public transportation • Manage money. • Responsibility to shop for food and clothes. • Use good judgment with strangers and out in traffic and in public. • Be able to seek help if necessary • Prepare meals and plan in advance to have appropriate food for doing so. • Keep the house clean and clean up after preparing meals. • Keep himself and his clothes

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