Down Syndrome Informative Speech Outline

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1. Reese was born the same as any other kid
a. However, doctors could tell there was something different about him from the start.
b. Reese was born with a special kind of Downs that made it different from many of you.
2. Reese and his mother are a very close family friends. Reese is a fun, loving and caring individual who always has a happy day. Being close to Reese for many years sparked my interest in the Topic Down Syndrome. After I researched I found that many people do not know the two main ways to get downs is and also the difference.
3. Today, I want to help explain what Down Syndrome is, two main ways children can get it and why their difference is important.

(Transition: Many of you have heard about Down Syndrome but do you really know what it is? Let’s take a look.)
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Down syndrome is a very common genetic disorder. 1 in every 691 kids are born in the United States has it according to the National Down Syndrome Society
c. Symptoms of Downs include: mild to moderate mental disability, stunted growth, low muscle tone, and thyroid issues, higher risk for Alzheimer’s and heart failure. (Genetic Disorders Sourcebook, Third Edition)

(Transition: Now that you have a better understanding of what Down Syndrome is, let’s take a look at the 2 most common ways Trisomy 21 occurs)
II. Although there are more than two ways to acquire the extra 21st chromosome that causes Down Syndrome, I’m only going to cover the two most common.
a. The majority of the people diagnosed with Down Syndrome have it because of a faulty cell division called nondisjunction
i. Nondisjunction happens with one of the pairs of the chromosomes fail to separate, resulting in the three 21 chromosomes ii. Total number of chromosomes equals 47
b. According to …. 3-4% of Children with Down Syndrome get it through gene translocation
i. Gene translocation happens during cell division. This happens when part of the chromosome 21 breaks off and attaches to another

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