Down With Hope Research Paper

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UP WITH HOPE AND DOWN WITH DOPE Up with Hope, Down with Dope sounds like a positive notion, but when the children grow up and have to face the problems and stresses of life where they are in unearned positions of power and they try to influence every aspect of our lives then some may lose hope. Then how do they try to cope and meet demands? You guessed it right - DOPE!But is that the end of all problems or the start? We, largely, perceive hope as what is left when everything positive fades away, a candle flickering in the midst of darkness. In this sense alone, hope is the sliver of light that shines at the end of a tunnel. It keeps a person committed to achieve an end.Not losing heart and being positive may be the last resort in an extremely…show more content…
Hope implies a certain amount of perseverance – i.e., believing that a positive outcome is possible even when there is some evidence to the contrary. Hope is a sustaining human gift. It can be given and received by all. We, as people, rely on hope as much as we depend on food and water. We breathe to believe that things will better; that every cloud has a silver lining. Maybe there is a pot of gold at the end of that elusive rainbow. Hope a gift is contradictory one.Hope, as a gift, is a contradictory one. It is selfish and indulgent - who doesn't wish for one's own personal success? We hope we achieve good grade, good exam results, a good college course, a good job. Even more-so, we hope for the downfall of others - especially those who are succeeding in areas where we are not. On the contrary, hope is selfless and altruistic. To give or to be given hope is a joyous experience, making it one of the greatest gifts of all. A person's reassurance in times of high stress and anxiety gives hope in abundance. 'Things can
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