Downgrades Hester In D. Lawrence's On The Scarlet Letter

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In D. H Lawrence's passage “On The Scarlet Letter”, he downgrades Hester because he views her as a disgraceful person . The majority of the passage talks about how bad Hester is for sinning and she seduces men for her happiness. Lawrence uses keywords to make his idea about Hester clearer. He mocks her for her foolish actions. Lawrence uses repetition, mocking tone, and biblical allusion to critique Hester. I have noticed that Lawrence uses several literary devices to emphasize his thoughts about Hester. The quotes I have picked are a prime example of how he downgrades Hester. “A. Adulteress! Stitched with gold thread, glittering upon the bosom. The proudest insignia.” “Adulteress. Alpha. Abel, Adam. A. America.” He repeats several lines with similar words to engrave what h thinks of her into our heads and how grim…show more content…
Poor Hester tries to act like the victim, but Lawrence sees through her seductive game. No matter how much Hester might look and act like the perfect Puritan woman, she's hiding some major turmoil.. She is a morbid human being that feels accomplished after she seduces Dimmesdale. “Oh Hester, you are a demon. A man must be pure, just that you can seduce him to fall. Because the greatest thrill in life is to bring down the Sacred saint with a flop into the mud.” “Hester Prynne is the great nemesis of woman. He is the KNOWING Ligeia risen diabolic from the grave. Having her own back. UNDERSTANDING.” Lawrence sees her as a person that cannot conquer and/or achieve anything. Nevertheless, Lawrence is more concerned about sin and this is when biblical allusion comes into play. Lawrence also uses biblical allusion to make a quick indirect reference to something in the bible. He uses biblical allusion to connect the bible with indirect references with hester and her sin. “A. The Scarlet Letter. Adulteress the great Alpha. Alpha! Adulteress! The new adam and adama!
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