Downriver Character Analysis

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Take eight troubled teenagers and one instructor and put them in the woods together for nine weeks and there’s bound to be a lot of drama and trouble. When those eight teenagers decide to go it alone and ditch their instructor, the drama and conflict just doubles.This book is called Downriver by the author Will Hobbs. In the novel downriver jesse experiences many types of conflict such as person vs person person vs nature and person vs self.Person vs person conflict is when jesse calls her dad but the problem is when jesse calls her dad Jesse feels like she should apologize for her behaviour and would like to say something but she 's lost in words and doesn 't say anything to her dad this proves the thesis is true by the conflict jesse has had with her dad in the past and she would like to fix it with a new start.Second point in downriver of the person vs person conflict is when Jesse is scared to stand up to troy and say hes wrong or to disagree with him she thinks that if she stands up to troy she’ll get scared and might think that troy might hit her.Jesse smacks Freddy across the face while they were on their adventure and Jesse feels bad because she has feelings for Freddy and feels like she should apologize this is how this conflict in downriver for person vs person has in downriver and will continue but in conclusion these points i showed are all in the story of person vs person conflict in downriver.In Downriver their has lots of Person vs nature parts.When Jesse
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