Reflection On Social Class Position Of A Family

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The social class position of a family can be stratified by the access to resources, the access to social respect and the access to some freedom. Although people cannot choose to be born in which family background, we have chances to move around class in this volatile class system.

My family has experienced a downward mobility in social class position, from working class to working poor due to the unexpected death of my father. I determined my family as these positions according to the followed factors.

Firstly, the income and wealth, as well as occupation can determine where to place one’s family in certain social class position. In the beginning, my father was a chemist and he was the breadwinner of the family. My mother was a housewife who take care of all family
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Education plays an important role to allow me to move up the social ladder. Although my family cannot provide me a sufficient financial support to continue my postgraduate studies, I am able to finish my undergraduate studies due to the assistance of TSFS and learn some professional knowledge. Also, I can learn foreign language course in the university so that I can have a higher competitiveness in the future occupation. Indeed, the undesirable financial condition of my family’s current social class position may cause some disadvantage and avoid me to get some life chances like the opportunities to study postgraduate courses overseas. This may also affect me to get a higher professional job in the future. Furthermore, the devaluation of education in Hong Kong may affect my career seeking also. More employers are looking for employees with the higher education background or rich working experiences and the Bachelor degree seems not enough for the employers. Therefore, I would consider myself to be a lower middle class instead of an upper middle class when I am
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