Dowry System In Nepal Essay

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All people in the world can commit to marriage for it is the law of nature and it is not a unique thing to anyone; however, other cultures perform the marriage differently. In Nepal, a dowry system exists for all of the Hindu people. The system has been in place for a very long time. The effects can be drastic. There are three main effects, suicide of the bride, divorce and gender discrimination. One extreme effect of the dowry system is suicide of the bride. It happens when the family of the bridegroom gives mental and physical abuse to the girl after her marriage. The dowry system in Nepal has its roots in India. The dowry takes place prior to the marriage. In
Nepal, the family of bride gives dowry in the form of cash or goods to the family of the groom. The practice is very old.
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People who abide in the dowry system have a concept of gender discrimination. In some parts of Nepal, parents let a doctor do an abortion during early stage of the growing embryo inside the womb if, it is a daughter. Otherwise, they have to provide property and cash to the groom at the time of her wedding, so they can start discriminating to a daughter before she takes birth. In addition, the parents are happy to send their son to school to get an education, but they do not send their daughter. They think, one day their daughter can marry a man and leave her parents. These all are the effects of believing. The book “The Power of Right Believing” notes that, “Right believing and right thinking always produce right result in your life” (Prince). If people believe right, they will live right. In the same way, if people believe wrong, they surely live wrong. People have a power what they believe it. Therefore, it is on the hand of people to choose right or wrong, but surely, it can affect the lives of people positively or negatively. Similarly, dowry system exists in Nepalese marriages because of wrong

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