Doyle's Essay: Why Do People Write?

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Why do people write?
Why is it that we share our thoughts, opinions, advises, stories and experiences through the written word, and why don’t we just transmit all of this by word of mouth? Aside from the purpose of saving information or knowledge on paper, we end up expressing our selves via written words more strongly and accurately than we do verbally.
You can come to know people better through reading their work, this is because you cannot lie to that piece of paper in front of you and well why should you? You can show it love, happiness, joy, hope and it will accept all it will accept the true you, no questions asked. The same way it you can show it hate and that white paper wont judge you, it will accept it, you can show it the worst and it will still
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In this essay he uses certain metaphors to transmit his point of view. In this case he starts by talking about the life of a hummingbird, he mentions quite a few incredible abilities these species have, “they dive at sixty miles an hour...[or] fly more than five hundred miles without pausing to rest” however he directly mentions that even though they have these skills, there are many things that make them a very weak animal. “if they do not soon find that which is sweet, their hearts grow cold, and they cease to be”. Nonetheless he doesn 't use this technique to seem harsh or that he has a pessimistic way of seeing life, his purpose is to explain to his readers that our lives are more or less the same. We all believe that when things are going perfectly it is never going to change, in that instant we think that we are going to be happy for the rest of our lives. What we never think about is that our happiness could disappear in a matter of seconds and we should always be ready. Sometimes we have to realize that we can’t only be dreamers but we have to also learn how to be
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