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Dr. Alex Karev is a pediatric surgeon in the television series Grey’s Anatomy. The story mainly happens in Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle. Alex had it rough growing up. His mother suffered from a mental illness and his father was verbally and physically abusive to him and his mother. He decided to wrestle as a way to learn how to physically confront his dad which he did. After, Alex earned a scholarship to University of Iowa for the sport. He has two younger siblings, a sister and a brother, and all three of the kids spent time in foster homes. But, Alex lived in seventeen different homes over the course of five years, while separated from his siblings, and spent some time in juvenile detention. He is one of the original five interns…show more content…
Alex is very helping, especially to his young patients. For example, a little girl came to the hospital because she stapled her open wound. Since her parents fostered her, he thought it was the parents who did it. Alex got very concerned but, the girl said that she “plays rough” and Dr. Karev stitched her arm. After, he explained how she could have avoided this problem and that she was in “good” hands. By saying so, Alex thinks that he helped the patient and did a “good” job. This is also known as positive self concept. Self-esteem is how you feel about that image and how you judge that image. Confidence is shown when Alex works with other patients and during surgeries. For example, he had to transplant a heart of a one-day old baby. The likelihood of the baby surviving was very low. Since he believed in himself, Dr. Karev successfully performed the surgery and the baby was able to live. After, he felt very proud of himself which also shows positivity. Values are what a person believes in. Love is one of the most important values of Alex. He loved Dr. Jo Wilson in which he proposed to her. Unfortunately, she said “no” and they broke up. This was one of the most depressing moments in Alex’s life because he never felt dejected by someone. It was love that traumatized him and made him feel sad. This is a value because it is what he thinks is important in life which is

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