Dr. Ben Carson's Formula For Success In Life

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Dr. Ben Carson has had many successes in his life, and in his biography, Gifted Hands, he explains his formula for being successful in life. Setting goals and making plans in a person’s life will allow them to see what they need to do in order to achieve those goals. Dr. Carson’s formula for success in life is explained in his THINK BIG acronym. The three most important ideas for success in from THINK BIG are ____nice____, ____knowledge___, and _____God____. In the acronym THINK BIG Dr.Carson used the word nice. The word nice can mean many different things ,but Dr.Carson’s definition was so inspiring. In the biography Gifted Hands Ben states,”And you can get so more done when people are being nice to you and you’re nice to them.” That phrase reminds me that when you are nice you get so much more and people appreciate your presence as well.…show more content…
When using knowledge you can get a well paying job or even a scholarship. As stated in the text Ben stated,“The K is for knowledge, which can make you into a more valuable person.” The more you know the more people want to be around you or you feel confident about yourself when you have knowledge. With knowledge you can bring wonders to the world and to others around you. The last most important word in the acronym THINK BIG is the word God. God is spiritually the key to all answers just pray and you can achieve all your goals. As it has worked many times for Ben and most of his patients and even his wife Candy. Ben has also stated in the text that,”I know God had a hand in all these events, just as i know he has had a hand in shaping everything good in my life.” God is a very important character in dr.Ben Carsons life. Ben has used God as a very spiritual guide throughout his

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