Dr. Chris Barnard's Short Story 'Segregationist'

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transplant and artificial transplant, spreading his ideas via his short story Segregationist. It took less than a year before Doctor Chris Barnard utilizes the idea of heart transplantation to make world first heart transplant. Then 15 years later Willem J Kolff and Robert Jarvik made first artificial heart transplant. One with closer look can agree that the idea behind Segregationist story was also to try wake up the world on possibilities of using artificial heart when one heart is malfunctioning, instead of waiting for a donor.
With the first ever computer invented in early 1820’s, it took more than century for the first software to be developed (with first computer program developed in 1976). After a year since first computer program was developed, in 1977 Isaac Asimov went on very far and even write a short story True Love, about very powerful software which has the ability to
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Science Fiction makes it easy for people to understand the world that they are living in. It also allows people to interact with their world in a way that they cannot through the use of their basic knowledge and understanding. The aid provided by Science Fiction allows people to fulfil their needs of communication, and creativity. Some scientific man-made objects, such as robotics, offer help or fulfil the demands of the once who brought them into existence. Through programming, robotics can do anything that the owner wants it to do provided it is programmed to do so.
Science Fiction is as bad as it is good, the concepts can be very unrealistic and are not based in any form of scientific fact and could be misled by the author’s portrayal of science. Isaac Asimov came up with idea of robotic friend in his book; A boy best friend, but Isaac fail to understand that it is impossible to can compare a robot with living things, he fail to
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