Dr. Dee Confidentiality Case Study

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Confidentiality is another ethical issue involved in the dilemma. Code 4.01 discusses the psychologist’s primary obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the client while also taking necessary precautions to protect any confidential information that has been gathered and stored. As previously stated, the confidentiality of both clients may be violated if they were to come into contact in Dr. Dee’s office. In Dr. Dee’s efforts to separate the clients in her office she could possibly acknowledge her affiliation to both clients, thus leading to a violation of confidentiality. Also, by continuing to treat Isabelle and Anthony, there is a potential risk of Dr. Dee accidentally sharing confidential information acquired from one client to the other. Regardless of the unintentional nature, Dr. Dee’s actions could be considered an unethical breach of confidentiality. Dr. Dee may potentially remove the risk of breaking confidentiality in this manner were she to terminate therapy with either Isabelle or Anthony. Another ethical issue corresponds with Code 2.01a discussing boundaries of competence. After three months of treatment, Anthony felt comfortable to…show more content…
Dee found that her dilemma corresponded to at least eight ethical code issues. She decided that by terminating with one client she would be able to resolve the issue by adhering to the Code. Furthermore, Dr. Dee went on to review relevant laws, regulations, and the Ethics scholarship to which she found her decision to terminate with one client to be most ethical to resolve a multiple relationship such as hers. Additionally, by taking into consideration the balance of beneficence and nonmalficence, Dr. Dee was able to come to the conclusion that by continuing therapy she would be subjecting both clients to potential harm and by referring one client out she was able to more likely prevent such harm from occurring to both of

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