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Professor Faden is not doing anything illegal and should not be accused of copyright. Just because he used a bunch of movie lines doesn 't mean he stole them to make money or to try and ruin disney. Because when looking at how he portrayed the lines in the movies it was in small bits so copyright wouldnt have had an effect on Professor Faden and his 10 minute video. Since Professor Faden is taking small clips from the movies that shouldn 't count as copyright because when looking at what can be counted as copyright its says that taking huge clips off of a movie can count as copyright, but as you can see Professor Faden took and used small clips to make something entirely different. I bet you are asking though doesn 't any amount of work shown count as copyright? Well not really because fair use says taking small clips from movies, podcasts, or book as long as…show more content…
So to recap what was said in the other paragraphs Professor Faden did not copyright anything because he stayed with the fair use policy by using small samples of recorded audio, not making a profit off of it, and most importantly mashed it up and remixed it with other pieces of movies to create something new and original. By not making any money off of it he stayed within guidelines, and since he took only small pieces of the original work and made something new he again stayed within copyright laws. The video Professor Faden made was also made for comedy reasons another way you can stay in fair use. Now should 've Professor Faden asked disney if he could use their work, most likely but that doesn 't make it automatically illegal and sued for copyright. Instead disney and Professor Faden should have a compromise about this dispute by making Professor Faden agree to not doing anything like this again unless he has gotten permission from one of the head authorities and should also be given the opportunity to keep his work on the internet for people to use since after all it wasnt copyright to begin

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