Dr Faustus Morality And Sin Analysis

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In the article of “An Introduction to Doctor Faustus: Morality and Sin”, they try to explain the difference between “Doctor Faustus” the poem, and the “Doctor Faustus: Morality and Sin” play. This article was written by Eric Rasmussen and Ian DeJong. They explain that this is a type of mortality play is represented by a battle between the forces of nature in a human that is between good and evil in a human’s soul. They show the dangers that mankind is faced with in sinful behaviors. They tend to highlight what cost the Doctor Faustus to pursue such immoral and harsh actions and who he meets on his journey. I feel that the article that these two collaborated on was very well thought out and well informed. This play is a mixture of comedy and tragedy depending on which version the director is doing. The earlier play from 1604 writings of the play goes between both tragic and comic scenes. While, the later versions of the play printed in 1616, tends to lean more on the comic side of the play than the darker side. In the earlier version of the play one of the main lessons it tries to point out in the story line is the difference between good and evil, and sin and virtue making Doctor Faustus grow as a character. More of the story line is about him. While in later versions other characters play a big role representing a more comedic side of Doctor Faustus. An example of this comic side is seen in the production from Marlow’s Doctor Faustus play from 2016. The director of this
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