Dr. Fletcher's Arguments Against Physician Assisted Suicide

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Since Oregon began allowing physician-assisted suicide of the terminally ill in 1997, more than seven hundred people have ended their own lives with prescription medications in the state alone (NPR.org). Physician-assisted suicide is not only becoming a topic of controversy in the United States, but foreign countries as well. Supporters of the issue believe that competent people who do not have a chance of longevity should be able to choose their fate. Opponents argue that terminal diagnoses can be inaccurate, or that the person with the illness may not be capable of making informed decisions. Assisted suicide refers to the act of one giving another the “Instructions, means, or capability to bring about their own demise.” Commonly, the motive…show more content…
Carr, I wanted to find a source that spoke about a doctor that supports physician-assisted suicide. Harvey Chochinov, writer for a newspaper in Ontario, Canada, wrote an article on a known suicide-supporting doctor named Stephen Fletcher. In fact, the introductory sentence of the article is “I like Stephen Fletcher.” This immediately indicates that there will be presence of bias throughout the article, and that the bias will likely be strong. Chochinov finds Dr.Fletcher to be admirable, and to have “strength and determination.” Dr. Fletcher focuses his “formidable energy” on promoting physician-assisted death. In fact. Dr. Fletcher had his own experience with contemplating the idea of physician-assisted suicide. He was in an accident in 1996 that left him himself considering putting an end to his life. After receiving emotional support from his family and medical professionals, he decided to continue his life. Ironically, he now supports physician-assisted suicide. In fact, he himself assists terminally ill patients with their own suicide efforts. This may suggest that he regrets his decision of not putting an end to his life. Perhaps he wishes that he would have chosen to end his life soon after his

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