Dr. Hannibal Lecture In Silence Of The Lambs

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The forensic data that is used for a forensic case is vast and very diverse. People do not realize how many factors are rolled into criminals making. The media and entertainment industry are full of them. They are often very dislikable. But there are other cases where the author or producer attempts to make a very mentally ill criminal likable. The most abhorrent and oddly entertaining character in the media that sticks out in my mind was Dr. Hannibal Lecture in Silence of the Lambs. Dr. Lecture was an insane genius who was convinced of his own intellectual superiority. He used his crimes to weed out those that he found used bad manners, mutilated the arts and were not a benefit to what he considered the important part of society. Dr. Lecture was used to being around the elite and the wealthy members of the Baltimore community and had worked his practice to be a high…show more content…
Lecture 's sadism was mixed with his narcissism as he chose to eat his victims to disrespect their very existence. He had no more respect for his victims than he did for a common chicken or a stray animal. While traveling through the series a person will discover that Dr. Lecture had been witness to the cannibalism of his sister alongside the death of his parents. He spent many years living in orphanages being mute and obviously suffered from a form of PTSD. Any person who had this suffered through these experiences could not have some sort of mental trauma to witness such an act. Because it was done by a rough band of renegade militants, it would make sense that caused his opinions on the lower and rougher classes of society for which he sought to separate himself from. Between the PTSD and the problems of lack of affection and kindness in a traditional orphanage environment, it would make sense as to why he has a very limited capacity for love and affections. His efforts of kindness and respect are often seen in the murderings of others who have disrespected the women who he has bonded
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