Dr. Harold Shipman Case Study

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The Incident In 1998, Dr. Linda Reynolds of the Brooke Surgery in Hyde reached to John Pollard, who was the coroner for the South Manchester District, about Dr. Harold Shipman’s high rate of deaths of all of his patients. This was brought to the police attention and the police did not pay so much attention to it, assigning some of the newer police officers, which of course had little experience in being a police officer. These assigned police officers were unable to find enough evidence to charge Dr. Harold Shipman. Shipman’s investigation was then dropped and that same year Shipman killed 3 more people, with last victim being Kathleen Grundy, whose death certificate was recorded by Shipman stating that the cause of death was “old age.” Angela Woodruff, Kathleen Grundy’s daughter became concern of what could have really happened to her mother when solicitor Brian Burgess informed her that a will has been made by Kathleen, excluding her and her children, leaving most of the money to Harold Shipman. Once Woodruff reported this, Kathleen’s body was dug out and examined, containing traces of diamorphine. Shipman was then arrested on September 7th 1998. The police then did some more investigation of deaths Shipman has certified and created a list of 15 specimen cases. All of the 15 specimen had the same things in common which were lethal doses of diamorphine, signing patients’ death certificates, and falsifying medical records. With these many trials and many more that were brought to court…show more content…
She made him believe that he was superior of everyone else, leaving him with only a few friends when he was growing up. His mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and Harold took care of her from beginning to end. He was very interested and fascinated on how much morphine helped her suffering. Her death made him go to medical school. He then met his wife, Primrose, and had two kids.
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