Dr. Helen Morrison Summary

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The Brain of a Serial Killer, was a study performed by experts in the field, Dr. Helen Morrison and Neuroscientist, Dr. James Fallon. Dr. Helen Morrison studied 135 serial killers and their patterns. Dr. Helen Morrison has studied serial killers majority of her life and has interviewed 135 in total. She found that regardless of how different each serial killer’s life was, the reasons for killing were similar. Her research suggests that a chromosome abnormality is the most likely trigger, and begins to introduce itself during puberty stages. Her study showed that because of the chromosome abnormality, serial killers never developed a sense of attachment and belonging to the world. This is the main reason why serial killers do not empathize with their victims. Some of the patterns…show more content…
While studying serial killers, he discovered that he has a line of murderers in his ancestry. The purpose of his research was to determine the difference in a serial killer’s brain from other brains. In doing this, he scanned his own brain and compared it to those of psychopaths. He also did the same to his son’s brain, which showed normal orbital cortex activity. However, results showed that he had the same low orbital cortex activity as a serial killer. The orbital cortex is the area that is believed to be involved with ethical behavior, moral decision-making, and impulse control. According to Fallon, people with low orbital cortex activity are either free-willing types, or sociopaths. The orbital cortex helps control the amygdala area of the brain, involved with aggression and hunger. Low activity of the orbital cortex means less normal suppression of behaviors such as rage, violence, eating, sex and drinking. In addition to brain scans, Fallon also tested DNA of his family for genes associated with violence. He focused on the MAO-A gene, short for Monoamine Oxidase A, also known as, the “warrior gene.” This gene regulates serotonin into the brain. Serotonin
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