Dr. Huxtable: Video Analysis

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From the video we watched in class I agree with Dr. Huxtable. I agree with Dr. Huxtable because having enough money to just get by isn’t the right way to get by or a good way to get by. Everyone should agree with him because he showed a realistic way of how money is taken from you or given to you. For example, if Theo would have gotten in an accident that month he definitely would not have enough money to pay so then he would have to take out a loan then the process would never end. Also if he has a credit card and does not pay the bill for it on time he would have to pay a late fees and that is even more adding up on top of the rent. One time I was at the beach with Morgan, Brandon, my Aunt Gwen, Uncle Jeff, Mom, and Dad and Morgan and I went…show more content…
Huxtable because if you do just get a gas station job you make about fifteen hundred dollars a month, then tax taken out would make it be about twelve hundred dollars. Twelve hundred dollars is a good amount if you live with your parent, but if I was in the situation I would have to be finding my own place to stay. If you are hesitant about whose side you should be on you should not be because think about this, would you want to go to college and get more educated or work as a waitress? My answer would be to get more education because after either a two year degree, four year degree, law school, or doctorate degree. I would rather go to school because then you would be able to have a family and not worry about getting kicked out of an apartment complex because you can not pay your rent and in college my Mom and Dad met so you might meet that special someone lol. Finally, you should side with Dr. Huxtable because he has more experience and knows more about how you should use and what you should and should not spend it on than Theo. Those are all of the examples and reasonings why you should side with Dr. Huxtable and not Theo also why you should do good during high school so if your mind changes, and you do want to go to college and get further
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