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Dr Jeffrey Young won the heart of a plentiful amount of people with his kind and hardworking personality. However, the hard battle of cancer is something that he and his family has to face. Furthermore, he is driven with two missions: “significantly reducing companion animal overpopulation throughout the world” where he wants to prevent overpopulation, and “thinking globally: acting locally” where he is trying to get people to help around their neighborhood to help out the world (“Staff”). Working more than 100 hours a week, he built his Denver clinic and started travelling across America with his mobile clinic, which offers animal care to those who struggled to access it or can’t afford it (“Meet Dr Jeff Young”). Dr Jeffrey Young is an admirable person for the reason that he always works towards his goals, is always up for adventure, and is genuinely kind to the animals and people who come into his clinic.…show more content…
After his hair was shaved as a result of the cancer treatments, he hugs an employee and assures her, “Don’t worry ‘bout me, I’ll do all right.” (Russian). He always tried to help animals, and he often keeps the animals he rescues as pets (“Meet Dr Jeff Young”). Dr. Jeff had said some great things about his staff and always gave credit to them (Cleveland).

Dr Jeff has an immense liking to travelling, no matter what the reason is. He said once that he travelled onto some mountain tops, scuba dived, and trained several hundred veterinarians (Russian). Dr Jeff had travelled to Mexico and Eastern Europe and set up clinics while he was there (“Meet Dr Jeff Young”). He plans to travel around Colorado in a trailer to help the parts of Colorado that have limited veterinary care

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