Dr. Jekyll And Courtney Davidson Character Analysis

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Dr. Jekyll and Courtney Davidson would agree with the quote “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us, What matters is the part we choose to act on.” Dr. Jekyll and Davidson both are good people and they both had a share of an evil turn. Dr. Jekyll was a brilliant scientist that did a lot for his community but a dark side took over him and he chose to act on it.. Davidson had a dark side take over her when she began hazing during summer camp. So I believe that both of the characters would agree with the quote from Sirius Black from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Dr. Jekyll would agree to the quote because the play is based on how Jekyll had two different sides a good and a not so good. Everyone has a good and a bad side,…show more content…
Hazing is dark twisted cruel things where people pick on a new member of a group by making them do humiliating, difficult or even dangerous tasks. Davidson had first been involved with hazing when she was at summer camp she became a junior and the tradition of seniors hazing juniors continued and the seniors hazed Davidson. The seniors spit chewed up food at her and her friends and ordered then to clean it off themselves, The seniors also smeared green-died oatmeal on Davidson and her friends faces before the dance and wouldn’t allow them to clean it off. When Courtney Davidson was 15, and became a senior she promised herself that she would not become a hazer because she knew how bad it hurt others. According to Davidsons essay 1.5 million students are hazed each year. And at least 100 kids have died from hazing incidents. Courtney Davidson relates to the quote because when she was a junior she was a good person and knew that hazing was bad because she had experienced the pain and didn’t ever want to cause anyone that pain. When she became a senior she experienced the dark side because she had became a hazer and although she knew it was wrong and how it would hurt others a dark side took over her light side and she continued to haze and hurt others. Davidson may have only hazed the underclassmen because she was an underclassman…show more content…
Jekyll wouldn’t have ever became Hyde and Jekyll would still have been known for all the good things he had done in his life, and not known for the two sided murderer. Courtney Davidson could have also saved herself from experiencing both light and dark sides if only she would have not started hazing and using her experiences from being hazed to help other people who where in her previous
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