Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Analysis

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"The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" is a gothic novella written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The whole manuscript concentrates on the concept of human duality and tries to explain that there are both elements of good and evil in every person through the main character personality changes. The choice of using a non-linear plot was done to convey an increasing sense of curiosity and anxiety simultaneously and frequently not to spoil the mystery of the plot. The first chapter narrates "The Story of the Door" , which was told by Mr Enfield to Mr Utterson, and is the first time that the author doesn 't respect the chronological order. This passage portrays the meeting between Mr Enfield and Mr Hyde in a busy quarter of London, where in a small street the gentleman saw Mr Hyde running into a little girl and hurting her carelessly. At the sight of that man, walking away from the crying child without even apologizing, Mr Enfield decided to take action: he asked money to the man in exchange of silence on such scandal. Later, he gave the money to the girl 's family and Mr Hyde disappeared in a mysterious door with the key . From the moment when Mr Enfield describes the scenario and the appearance of that detestable man, who seemed to be deformed yet nobody understood how, both Mr Utterson and the reader are hooked in this peculiar loop of curiosity and fear. The author could have written this passage from Mr Enfield 's point of view in order for us to be in Mr Utterson 's
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